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Why Choose Our Accounting Firm in Malta?

Why Choose Our Accounting Firm in Malta?

Foreign investors find Malta very appealing from a taxation point of view, however, in order to benefit from this taxation system to its fullest, it is advisable to work with professionals in the field of accounting. In this sense, choosing an accounting firm in Malta which is up to date with the legislation and requirements imposed by the tax authorities is a must.

An accounting firm must also have a team made of accredited accountants in Malta. Since its first day of activity, our firm has started gathering accountants and auditors in order to cover all the needs of Maltese companies.

We invite you to read below why you should choose our accounting firm in Malta and what the main services we can provide you with are.

Is it necessary to use an external accounting firm?

Most businesspersons starting companies in Malta often wonder if they should use the services of an accounting firm or go directly for in-house accountants. While it is not mandatory to use the services of an accounting firm, it is recommended to so because of several important reasons, among which one of the most important refers to the financial impact for hiring several people in the accounting department in order to cover all the needs of the company. By using the services of our accounting firm in Malta, for example, you can use all our resources based on a personalized contract. You choose the services you need, and we provide them to you.

Then, there are also the requirements that must be met from an accounting point of view: it is much harder for a foreign entrepreneur to get acquainted with all the laws and accounting requirements imposed by the Maltese tax authorities.

With the help of accounting firms in Malta, these requirements will no longer be the business owner’s responsibility.

Services provided by our accountants in Malta

With years of experience behind, our team of Malta CPA accredited accountants are at your disposal with a wide range of services, among which:

  • tax and VAT registration for companies which have just been registered in Malta;
  • bookkeeping services which deal with day-to-day accounting requirements in a business;
  • payroll services which require a lot of attention and which employ many changes considering the employment regulations. Payroll processing involves more than just paying employees. It’s a necessary component of running your business lawfully in accordance with national labor standards. These regulations and legislation contain a number of obligations that apply to the payroll procedure, such as keeping records and tracking employee hours at work. Feel free to rely on us for payroll services in Malta.
  • audit services which must be completed by Maltese auditors registered with the Malta National Audit Office. When an auditor in Malta delivers a clean opinion, it reflects that the respective financial expert offer confidence that the financial statements are represented with accuracy and completeness. This is why oftentimes, requesting the services of an outside accounting firm can prove a good choice for business owners.
  • financial and VAT statement preparations and filing services for all sizes of companies;
  • tax consultancy services and forensic accounting services which are used in special situations.

As you can read above, we cover all the accounting services a Maltese company might need.

You can read about the services provided by our accounting firm in Malta in the scheme below:

Choosing accounting firms in Malta

When choosing the Malta tax advisors, a business owner wants to work with it is imperative to verify if they can provide the services he or she needs and if they can meet the needs of the business.

With the services provided by our accounting firm in Malta, you can benefit from:

  1. personalized services based on a meeting during which we will discuss your company’s needs;
  2. certified accountants and auditors in Malta in order to for you to rest assured about the quality of our services;
  3. accounting and tax advisory services targeting the exact sector your Maltese business operates in;
  4. a presence in several cities in Malta, among which Valetta and Birkirkara are just a few;
  5. availability promptitude and professionalism when it comes to answering all your questions.

Did we leave anything out? You can ask us any question and we will make sure to get back to you in the shortest time possible.

There are many accounting firms in Malta and choosing the right one should definitely be a priority when starting a business in this country.

Malta’s taxation system

It is not a secret that many foreign businesspersons choose Malta for its taxation system. However, in order to benefit from all the tax rebates, the authorities here offer they will need accountants who can provide services that match the needs of the business with tax advantages available.

Here are a few interesting facts about the Maltese taxation system:

  • the income tax in Malta is levied progressively on individuals, and the highest rate is 35%;
  • the corporate tax rate is also established at 35%, however, tax rebates are offered based on a unique system;
  • upon the distribution of profits from a Maltese company, a shareholder can receive a tax refund of 6/7 or 30% of the taxable profits of that company;
  • tax deductions are also available under Malta’s double tax treaties which are 70 until now, but the government is working on signing new ones.

For tailored accounting and audit services in Malta, please contact us.