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Asset Management in Malta

Asset Management in Malta

The financial industry is one of the most prolific sectors of the Maltese economy, as the government is open to foreign investors who want to operate in this domain. At the same time, the country was among the first European countries to regulate new financial instruments, such as cryptocurrencies that can successfully enter the category of valuable assets.

Asset management in Malta falls into the category of services that can be provided by specialists such as accountants. Our accounting firm in Malta is at your disposal if you need professional wealth management assistance.

Wealth management in Malta – a service for any type of investor

A large portion of the Maltese population is made of foreigners, among which investors who own businesses or want their estates to be administered here are predominant. One of the main reasons behind such a decision is the Maltese taxation system which is favorable.

Asset management in Malta can cover the administration of various types of instruments, among which:

  • investment funds;
  • private wealth;
  • company shares.

Malta is one of the most appealing EU countries when it comes to the creation of investment funds or holding various types of financial instruments in them.

Our accountants in Malta are at the service of Maltese and foreign nationals as well as at the disposition of investors who have invested in such assets. We can also offer a wide range of accounting services tailored to the needs of our clients.

Types of services related to asset management in Malta

There are various services associated with wealth management in Malta, depending on the types of assets held. Among these:

  1. support in administering asset portfolios and maintaining records of all investments;
  2. the creation of assets management plans in the case of professional investors;
  3. making investment decisions based on various indicators;
  4. identification of risks associated with the assets held, as well as projections on other valuables to invest in;
  5. asset recovery is one of the services that can be provided by an accountant in Malta.

In the case of private high net worth individuals, a Maltese accounting firm can help with the administration of the estate, the creation and management of trusts until the beneficiaries can take possession of their inheritance, and so on.

Asset management in Malta is usually provided by a wide range of professionals, many of them with a financial background, which is why if you are interested in knowing more about this subject, you can direct your questions to our specialists.

Asset managers in Malta

With a good financial infrastructure, Malta also has a great number of managers who are specialized in providing asset management services.

While wealth management in Malta can be provided accountants, asset management can also fall onto these, as well as on professionals who are recognized as fund managers under local or EU regulations.

Asset managers can be found with law or accounting firms in Malta.

Our specialists can also offer accounting and audit services in Malta to companies operating in other sectors.

Holding assets in investment funds in Malta

Investment funds are one of the best ways of investing in Malta. Apart from its national legislation, Malta has also translated EU directives which enable many foreign funds to obtain passporting rights and provide their services and the possibility of investing in their financial instruments to clients here.

With more than 500 investment funds, Malta is one of the best European countries for those interested in using a diversified portfolio, thus increasing their wealth.

Asset management in Malta enters the attention of our accountants who can provide tailored services to professional and non-professional investors who want to take advantage of the favorable taxation system when it comes to holding such assets.

The financial sector in Malta

People who want to invest in Malta can choose the financial sector which is represented by various subsectors. Among these, investment funds are one of the most stable offering long-term results with a minimum investment. However, those who decide on such instruments must be patient and rely on the guidance of professionals who can advise them.

As an overview of this sector, FinanceMalta indicates that:

  • there are 518 investment funds operating in Malta at this moment;
  • there are also 78 alternative investment funds active on the market;
  • the net asset value of the funds operating in Malta was 15.4 billion euros at the end of 2019;
  • there are also 20 fund administrators operating in Malta.

For more information on asset management in Malta, do not hesitate to contact our local specialists.