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Asset Management in Malta

Asset Management in Malta

The financial industry is one of the most prolific sectors of the Maltese economy, as the government is open to foreign investors who want to operate in this domain. At the same time, the country was among the first European countries to regulate new financial instruments, such as cryptocurrencies that can successfully enter the category of valuable assets.

Asset management in Malta falls into the category of services that can be provided by specialists such as accountants. Our accounting firm in Malta is at your disposal if you need professional wealth management assistance.

Wealth management in Malta – a service for any type of investor

A large portion of the Maltese population is made of foreigners, among which investors who own businesses or want their estates to be administered here are predominant. One of the main reasons behind such a decision is the Maltese taxation system which is favorable.

 Quick Facts  
 Regulatory body  Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the regulatory body overseeing asset management in Malta.

 Funds jurisdiction

 Malta is an EU member state and a reputable jurisdiction for setting up investment funds.

Fund types 

 Malta offers various fund structures, including UCITS, AIFs, PIFs, etc.

 Fund managers  Our asset managers in Malta are licensed by the MFSA.
 Fund administrator

 Appointing a licensed fund administrator is mandatory for Malta-domiciled funds, get in touch with our asset manager for their services.  

 Custodian bank (yes/no)

 Yes, funds must have a custodian bank responsible for the safekeeping of assets.

 Passporting possibility 

 A Malta-licensed fund can be passported across the EU for marketing purposes.

 Double tax treaties

 Malta has an extensive network of double tax treaties with almost 70 countries, benefiting investors.

 Stable political environment

 Malta enjoys a stable political climate, ensuring a predictable regulatory environment.

 Strategic location  Positioned in the Mediterranean, Malta serves as a bridge between Europe and Africa.

Euro (EUR) is the official currency, reducing currency exchange risks. 

 Professional service providers

 Our wide range of experienced professionals, such as lawyers and accountants, are available to help you with asset management in Malta.

Investor protection 

Maltese regulations like Investor Compensation Scheme, aim to safeguard investor interests and maintain market integrity. 

 Compliance standards

 Asset managers must adhere to strict compliance and anti-money laundering (AML) standards.

 Fintech and blockchain hub  Acceptance of fintech and blockchain industries, fostering innovation in asset management in Malta.
 Activities available under asset management services

 Buying, selling, and managing various types of assets.

 Types of assets administered in Malta

 – investment funds,

– private wealth (money, real estate),

– company shares, etc.

 Availability of asset record-keeping solutions (YES/NO)

 Yes, most management companies provide such a service.

 Support in creating investment plans (YES/NO) Yes. 
 Market analysis services (YES/NO)

 Yes, market analyses are an important part of asset management in Malta.

 Availability of risk assessment solutions (YES/NO)

 Yes, this is a service our accountants in Malta can help you with.

 Asset recovery services availability (YES/NO)

 Yes, asset recovery is also available with our accounting firm in Malta.

 Purpose of asset managers

 The purpose of asset managers is to increase the value of their portfolios while not subjecting them to many risks.

 Types of assets managers accepted in Malta

– brokers,

– investment advisors,

– financial advisors,

– licensed companies. 

 Duties of Maltese asset managers  To act as fiduciaries and to represent clients’ interests.
 Asset taxation in Malta

 – stamp duties are levied at 2-5% rates,

– there is no inheritance tax.

 Why choose Malta as an asset management destination

– flexible and favorable legislation,

– low taxation level,

– EU membership,

– strict supervision by the Financial Supervisory Authority. 

 Availability of asset management services for corporate clients (YES/NO)

 Yes, companies can rely on the expertise of our Maltese accountants.

 Availability of asset management services for private clients (YES/NO)

 Yes, we are also at the service of private individuals in Malta.

 Availability of such services for foreign clients (YES/NO)  Yes, our English-speaking specialists can also assist foreign clients.

Asset management in Malta can cover the administration of various types of instruments, among which:

  • investment funds;
  • private wealth;
  • company shares.

Malta is one of the most appealing EU countries when it comes to the creation of investment funds or holding various types of financial instruments in them.

Our accountants in Malta are at the service of Maltese and foreign nationals as well as at the disposition of investors who have invested in such assets. We can also offer a wide range of accounting services tailored to the needs of our clients. While payroll deals with the financial compensation of those employees and the method by which they are paid, the primary responsibility of human resources is to handle employee interactions. Although these two departments have separate roles inside an organization, there are some places where their duties overlap. We can handle both HR and payroll in Malta.

The study and verification of a company’s financial records is the main object of activity of an audit in Malta, which is an important phrase in accounting. Its purpose is to guarantee the fair and accurate representation of financial data. For this purpose, it is best to employ specialized services, such as the ones provided by our accounting firm.

There are various services associated with wealth management in Malta, depending on the types of assets held. Among these:

  1. support in administering asset portfolios and maintaining records of all investments;
  2. the creation of assets management plans in the case of professional investors;
  3. making investment decisions based on various indicators;
  4. identification of risks associated with the assets held, as well as projections on other valuables to invest in;
  5. asset recovery is one of the services that can be provided by an accountant in Malta.

In the case of private high net worth individuals, a Maltese accounting firm can help with the administration of the estate, the creation and management of trusts until the beneficiaries can take possession of their inheritance, and so on.

Asset management in Malta is usually provided by a wide range of professionals, many of them with a financial background, which is why if you are interested in knowing more about this, you can direct your questions to our specialists.

Asset managers in Malta

With a good financial infrastructure, Malta also has a great number of managers who are specialized in providing asset management services.

While wealth management in Malta can be provided accountants, asset management can also fall onto these, as well as on professionals who are recognized as fund managers under local or EU regulations.

Asset managers can be found with law or accounting firms in Malta.

Our specialists can also offer accounting and audit solutions in Malta.

In the event that officers fail to comply with their duty to submit annual returns and financial statements to the Business Registry (or submit financial statements in an improper format), they will be held liable and subject to a fine and a penalty calculated per day of delay. To avoid such problems, you can use our audit services in Malta.

What does a Maltese asset manager do?

An asset manager can address the client’s long-term financial goals by understanding how much risk the client is willing to take in order to achieve those goals.  Then, he or she can provide support in meeting those goals within the established boundaries.

Following that, the manager will recommend an investment mix that meets these requirements. The manager is in charge of building up the customer’s portfolio, overseeing it, making modifications as needed, and communicating those changes to the client.

Most of the time, financial experts work with accountants and the first brings the knowledge and experience in the investment field. The second will administer the estate, but also handle the tax obligations that arise from making money this way.

Feel free to address our accounting firm in Malta if you need more information on what asset management implies. We can advise on the administration of private estates, as well as larger investment portfolios of qualified investors.

Asset management assistance for private individuals and companies in Malta

Asset management services are offered to all those who own various types of assets, including corporations and individuals, and Malta has plenty of financial experts who can provide such solutions. They can assist investment funds, private wealthy individuals, and companies in Malta and outside the country.

Asset management services can also be provided by accountants in Malta, especially when it comes to tax planning strategies and applying for various government schemes.

Asset management services for private clients in Malta

The number of Maltese and foreign high net worth individuals who employ asset management services in this country is significant. Most of the time, these are wealthy individuals who want their estates managed to their advantage.

Whether the estate refers to their money or trusts established for future heirs, Malta has established itself as a reliable financial center at the European level.

Those who invest in financial instruments also rely on asset managers in Malta to increase their portfolios. These are usually qualified and unqualified investors who seek to take advantage of investing possibilities on the Maltese or other stock markets and use the services of firms that are qualified to guide and manage their portfolios.

Asset managers can also come from the ranks of Maltese accountants who specialize in investment fields, thus being able to assist those mainly interested in increasing their wealth. Furthermore, any money that enters one’s account must then be administered to its best use.

Malta has also established itself as a great destination for setting up domestic and international investment funds with great portfolios. Having foreign entities’ assets managed here is an important advantage, as they can benefit from the infrastructure and taxation system, according to the legal forms they were formed under.

If you are interested in asset management in Malta, you can request more information from our accounting firm.

Holding assets in investment funds in Malta

Investment funds are one of the best ways of investing in Malta. Apart from its national legislation, Malta has also translated EU directives which enable many foreign funds to obtain passporting rights. They can also provide their services and the possibility of investing in their financial instruments to clients here.

With more than 500 investment funds, Malta is one of the best European countries for those interested in using a diversified portfolio, thus increasing their wealth.

Asset management in Malta enters the attention of our accountants who can provide tailored services to professional and non-professional investors who want to take advantage of the favorable taxation system when it comes to holding such assets.

What are the taxes to consider when it comes to investments?

Taxation is without a doubt one of the most stringent matters when it comes to owning assets in Malta. The main levies that need to be considered are the income tax that applies on capital gains from asset ownership, as well as stamp duties, share transfer taxes. The income tax is established progressively, and it ranges from 0% to 35%. The stamp duty is applied at a rate of 2% or 5%. There is no inheritance tax in Malta, however, it is important to note the laws of foreign countries in the case of overseas persons and companies.

The financial sector in Malta

People who want to invest in Malta can choose the financial sector which is represented by various subsectors. Among these, investment funds are one of the most stable offering long-term results with a minimum investment. However, those who decide on such instruments must be patient and rely on the guidance of professionals who can advise them.

As an overview of this sector, FinanceMalta indicates that:

  • there are 518 investment funds operating in Malta at this moment;
  • there are also 78 alternative investment funds active on the market;
  • the net asset value of the funds operating in Malta was 15.4 billion euros at the end of 2019;
  • there are also 20 fund administrators operating in Malta.

For more information on asset management in Malta, do not hesitate to contact our local specialists.