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About us

Ciantar Associates is a trade name incorporating a group of companies  namely SADA Services LTD and CRV International LTD . The former being a licensed Accountancy and Audit Firm , licensed by the Ministry of Finance of Malta and the later being a licensed Fiduciary and Trustee company licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

We have an experienced team of accountants and auditors who offer tax consultancy for all the issues you may encounter with your business. Established in 1985, our companies have the main purpose of offering the best services to those who start or have businesses in Malta. Our main activity is to cover as many needs of clients as possible, which is why we bring to their attention a wide a range of accounting services. We have 30 years of experienc and we are also partners of BridgeWest.

We pride ourselves to offer services which are personalized to the client’s requests. This implies us explaining all the services a client can obtain with us and then selecting whichever suits their needs and requests the best.

Meet our team of accountants in Malta

We have gathered a team of accountants and auditors able to offer all the services and accounting firm can encompass.

Simon Ciantar – Mr. Ciantar has been with the company for more than 12 years and during this time, he provided accounting and audit services to small and large companies and individual investors from all over the world. Mr. Ciantar is a qualified accountant and a registered auditor.

Professional accounting services in Malta

We pride ourselves with professionals offering tailored accounting and audit services, among which:

  • accounting services in accordance with the size of the company;
  • audit services, which include the mandatory auditing requirements a company must comply with, but also internal audits ordered by the company owners;
  • payroll and human resources services;
  • tax consultancy and advisory services;
  • financial documents compiling and reporting services;
  • forensic accounting services;
  • VAT registration;
  • tax return preparation and filings.

These are just a few of the accounting services we can provide for clients in Malta, which is why we encourage them to get in touch with us if they need other services which were not presented in the list above. We want to remind you that all our services are personalized, so clients will be treated with the respect their deserve.

Our firms are licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and by the Ministry of Finance of Malta. We can also act as licensed and registered trustees and fiduciaries through our subsidiary CRV International LTD (Company Registration no C-18970).

Our accountants in Malta offer a wide range of services, from payroll services to performing audits for local companies. For more details about our services and fees, you may contact our accounting firm in Malta.